Custom Logo Carved Hats

Some collectors wish to have their company logo or the insignia of their favorite sports team carved into the front of the hat (especially the baseball cap). This process is done entirely by hand and is labor intensive. The logo is available in both dyed and natural wood.

DETAILS: Cherry, raised and carved logo, Ebony and Paduak burnished hat band, matte finish
SIZE: full size

Most of Chris’s artwork is crafted from a single, unique piece of wood with no gluing or joining of individual pieces. Ramsey delights in ”thin-walled” turning with many of his hats, achieving a thickness of a mere 3/32 of an inch. All pieces are durable and have a luxurious finish of 16 to 20 coats of lacquer applied over a period of several days, followed by hand-rubbing to produce a radiant final appearance.