Governor's Bowl

Martha-Lane-gift-presentation COX9584-800

Superior Battery Manufacturing Company in Russell Springs, Kentucky, hosted an "Innovation in Exporting" conference in the spring of 2013. Former Kentucky Governor Martha Layne Collins was the keynote speaker. As one way of saying thanks for her participation, Superior Battery CEO Randy Hart commissioned Chris to make this bowl as a gift.


A Walk in the Wood

"Most folks are immediately intrigued by the sculpture and think that it is made from three separate pieces wood that have been glued together," Chris said. "They are blown away when they learn that the sculpture started as one 600-pound block of wood that was turned, carved and finished all as one piece — no gluing!"


No Sugar Added

"You never know what you'll find on ebay these days!" Chris said. He came across a 50- to 60-foot-tall sugar maple tree for sale on the global commerce website. He made his inquiries about the tree, drove to Pennsylvania, looked it over and bought it. This collector's bowl was made from that tree.