Home, Sweet Home

When Chris called one of his "burl fairies" in Sweet Home, Oregon, he had a special request: "I want the biggest burl you can get your hands on."

DETAILS: Big Leaf Maple Burl, natural bark edge, bark inclusions, turned and carved legs, grain enhanced with light stain, matte finish
SIZE: 23" w x 14" h

HomeSweetHome Burl DSC 0115 When the long haul tractor trailer showed up at Chris's studio in Somerset, Kentucky, the driver asked, "Where do you want it?" The it was a 3,500-pound burl which Chris and the driver rolled out of the truck into his backyard with a tremendous thud. "First of all the size of the burl was stunning, but when I cut into it I immediately realized the whole thing was veneer quality," Chris said. "I knew right away this was something special."