Honest Abe

"Back in 2000, this hat won First Place in the turned wood/decorative category at the Kentucky State Fair," said Chris. "I couldn't believe it. This was the first time I had entered any competition with my work."

DETAILS: Walnut, ebony and paduak burnished hat band, matte finish
SIZE: full size

"What was really crazy is that I wound up winning three Blue Ribbons during the event," Chris said. "One of the hats I entered was a white oak burl cowboy hat which won in the fine art division. As you know, my hats are recognized for being very light weight and thin walled; most times less than an eighth of an inch thick. After the competition was over, one the folks involved with the Fair asked me: 'How the hell did you do that!?!'"

"That was my 'aha' moment."