Las Cordobas de Flamenco

These hats — a collaboration with fine artist Cynthia Gibson — made their debut at the American Association of Woodturners 2013 Symposium in Tampa, Fla.

DETAILS: Hats, Bradford Pear, ebonized hat band and outer brim edge, embellished with pyroengraving and India ink by Cynthia Gibson; stands, Walnut, painted, bottom bead, Big Leaf Maple Burl
SIZE: full size and miniature
AVAILABLE: Inquire for price

"I had been a fan of Michael's (Cynthia's husband) incredible turned teapots for a long time. We connected online and eventually got together in person," Chris said. "I was impressed with photos I had seen of Cynthia's pyroengraving, but when I saw it in person, I was totally blown away."

Chris made the hats and stands and shipped them to her. The results, well ... judge for yourself!