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Malcolm's Cherry

Malcolm's Cherry

"One of my friends wanted to clear all the scrub trees off his lot. He asked if I had interest in any of the trees," Chris said. "In the middle of the growth was the biggest cherry tree I had ever seen in my life! It was 80 feet tall and forty feet from the ground to the first branch."

DETAILS: Cherry, natural bark edge, turned and carved legs, matte finish
SIZE: 20" w x 12" h

It wasn't until Chris cut the tree that he found out it was a perfect veneer grade specimen. Another thing surprised him about the tree, "Normally the sap ring on a tree will grow to about an inch to an inch-and-a-half," Chris said. "This tree had grown very fast and its sap ring was seven inches wide. That's one of the key contributors to the incredible beauty of this bowl."

The block of cherry wood that Chris began with on this bowl weighed just over 400 pounds. When finished, the 1/8th of an inch thin-walled bowl weighed only 16 ounces.

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