No Sugar Added

"You never know what you'll find on ebay these days!" Chris said. He came across a 50- to 60-foot-tall sugar maple tree for sale on the global commerce website. He made his inquiries about the tree, drove to Pennsylvania, looked it over and bought it. This collector's bowl was made from that tree.

DETAILS: Sugar Maple, natural bark edge, turned and carved legs, matte finish
SIZE: 22.5" w x 16" h
AVAILABLE: Currently on display at Biltmore Village, Asheville, N.C., $8,400.00 

NoSugarMaple-Diameter DSC00301 Apparently the property owner had become disenchanted with the tree when one of its huge limbs broke off, fell and demolished his chicken coop. After negotiating the sale, Chris and two tree cutters made four trips to bring back the huge sugar maple specimen. "The first and second loads weighed more than 18,000 pounds each," Chris said. "The diameter of the tree at its widest point was six-and-a-half feet!" Chris is making a fireplace mantle and support beams for his new home with some of the remaining wood from the tree.