Turn a Fallen Tree into a Work of Art

Chris has worked with hundreds of homeowners to turn beloved fallen trees into works of art — hats, bowls and more.

Type of Wood for Turned Works of Art

All hardwood species are suitable for turning into a work of art. However, the following trees are especially usable and desirable for wood turning:

Maple, Walnut, White Oak, Curley Maple, English Walnut, Red Oak, Wormy Maple, Cherry, Black Oak, Beech, Sycamore, Box Elder, Sassafras, Hickory, Elm, Osage Orange (Hedge Apple), Chestnut, Ash

Condition of Wood

The wood should be solid and the center of the tree intact. For hats, the wood should be as fresh as possible so that bending may occur. Nested sets of bowls should be turned from the largest diameter possible. The size of the tree will determine the number of bowls in the nested set. If natural edge is desired, bark must be left intact on the tree and undamaged. Burls (knots) on the tree as well as crotch wood (where limb and trunk join) make particularly beautiful works of art.

Minimum Diameter of Tree for Hats

For hats, the tree must be a minimum of 18 inches across and 20 inches vertically.

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