Measuring Your Head

The following steps will help to ensure your custom wooden hat is a perfect fit.

01Buy or borrow a curvex (flexible) ruler. (If requested, Chris can send one.)
 Measure 1 web

02Place the curvex ruler around the head at the exact place where the hat will be positioned when worn. Hold the curvex ruler with two fingers at the forehead, wrap the ruler around the head approximately 1/8- to 1/4-inch above the ears.
Measure 2 web

03Push the ruler against the head so that there are no spaces between the ruler and the head. (The ruler will overlap at the ends.)
Measure 3 web 

04While wearing the ruler, pinch the overlapping ends of the curvex ruler together so that the size does not change while removing it from your head. Make certain not to change the size or the shape of the conformed ruler when removing it from your head as this will dramatically affect the size and shape of the final product.
Measure 4 web 

05Place the ruler on a piece of paper making certain not to change the size or shape of the conformed ruler and trace the INSIDE of the ruler's size/shape on a piece of paper to make a pattern of the head. Repeat the steps 2-5 two more times (using the same pieces of paper, overlapping the tracings) to verify that the measurement remains the same each time.
Measure 5 web 

06Send Chris the piece of paper with the multiple traced oval-shaped measurements. Include your name/address/telephone number on the piece of paper, together with the date mailed.

07Mail the tracings to:

212 Ohio Street

Somerset, KY 42501-1638