Toyota Logo Hat

Toyota Motor Manufacturing of Kentucky commissioned this cherry outback style hat from Chris for its president, Mr. Fujio Cho, in 2006 upon the occasion of his return to Japan. "Mr. Cho took the hat I made for him and a Louisville Slugger baseball bat to Japan with him," said Chris. "The hat now resides in the Toyota Museum in Nagoya."

DETAILS: Cherry, raised and carved logo, ebony and paduak burnished hat band, matte finish
SIZE: full size

In 1984, Mr. Fujio Cho became president of Toyota Motor Manufacturing U.S.A., Inc. (now Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky, Inc. (TMMK). He returned to Japan in September 1994 where he was named a managing director at TMC, and in June 1996, he became a senior managing director. In June 1998, Mr. Cho became an executive vice president and then president in June 1999. In June 2005, Mr. Cho assumed the position of vice chairman, before becoming chairman in June 2006. He became honorary chairman in June 2013.