Who's On First?

"I always got a kick out of the Abbott and Costello comedy routine 'Who's On First?'," Chris said. "So, I thought, I need to turn that into a piece of art." He got his opportunity when the American Association of Woodturners held its annual invitational exhibition at the Louisville Slugger Museum in 2000. "Every year they have a theme for the symposium. That year it was 'Step Up to the Plate.'"

DETAILS: various species of wood, turned, carved, textured, pyroengraved, matte finish
SIZE: 17.5" h x 14" d

abbott-costello-whos-on-firstThe sculpture includes 16 baseballs with 213 stitches on each ball; Chris pyroengraved each one. The regulation size balls are made from mahogany, ash, walnut, pink ivory, big leaf maple burl, amboyna burl, ambrosia maple, cocobolo, oak, cherry, purple heart, maple, spalted sycamore, alianthis, beech and elm. The bat is turned and pyroengraved. The baseball cap is turned, carved and colored.
First base is turned, burnished, bleached and textured.

"Who's On First?" depicts first base, a Louisville Slugger baseball bat and swirling baseballs serving as the hat stand that are symbolic of the whirl of words and confusion that Abbott and Costello created in their comedy routine. The "WHO" they keep referring to is carved with raised letters on the front of the hat adorning the top of the sculpture.